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Pending Transactions - How to Process a Reservation

I've received a fax and/or email notification of a pending reservation. What do I do?


From the selection of tabs on the left hand side of your screen open the Reporting tab and click the Pending Reservations icon. In the window that opens, you'll see your pending reservations queue. Each pending reservation is listed by guest name, itinerary number, and arrival date. To view the details of a pending reservation, click on its itinerary number. You'll see all the details you need to process the reservation and receive payment, including the guest contact and billing information, arrival and departure dates, room type, and notes/guest requests.

I've reviewed my pending reservation(s). How do I confirm them in the system?


First review the confirmation number field. If an administrator has pre-filled it with a confirmation ID, you can go ahead and check the Accept radion button and click Process Updates. If the field is blank, you will have to enter a confirmation number. You can use the itinerary number that the MC generated, or you can enter a confirmation code specific to your own property management software or bookkeeping system. Next, select the Accept radio button and click Process Updates.

Clicking Process Updates will automatically send a personalized confirmation email to the guest that includes the confirmation number you've chosen, important policies at your property, and directions to your location.

I've reviewed a pending reservation and cannot accommodate the guest. How do I decline it?


You'll still want to enter a confirmation number, but instead of selecting the Accept radio button, pick Decline before clicking Process Updates.

Clicking Process Updates automatically sends a personalized email to the guest notifying them that their pending reservation has been declined. This notification email will not specify the reason for your non-acceptance, but will include the reservation phone number for your property. You will also continue to have access to the guest's information if further contact is needed.

If you prefer NOT to send a declined reservation notification email, simply check the Decline - no email button instead. The reservation will move to the Processed Inquiries queue and any inventory being held will return to the available inventory.