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Manage Inventory: Blacking Out Dates

My property has no availability during certain date ranges. How do I black out those dates?

 Choose a date range to black out by selecting a start date and end date.

Each of your room types are displayed below, with "On" and "Off" buttons for Inv B/O (Inventory Black Out), Inv CTA (Inventory Closed To Arrival), Pkg B/O (Package Black Out), and Pkg CTA (Package Closed to Arrival).

Click the Inv B/O "On" button below the room type that is unavailable. If you only want to black out your packages for a given date range, click the Pkg B/O button.

Click Process Updates to save your changes. Your chosen date range will now display as N/A and will be non-bookable on the front end of the reservation interface.

What does CTA/ Closed to Arrival mean?

 The CTA feature is used when you want to control what day(s) guests are allowed to check-in. Perhaps during a busy holiday weekend you'll want to ensure that guests do not reserve a Saturday night reservation, but rather are required to book Friday night. By selecting the Inv CTA "On" button you'll close that room to arrival for the given date range. This way, guests can stay during that range but cannot check in during it.