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Manage Inventory: How to Update Rates Zone 1

How do I view and/or change my rates?

There are several ways to update your rates in the Management Console.

Clicking All Rates - Allocations will allow you to view and edit all of your room types from the same page, and make updates in increments up to 30 days. Specifically, this screen allows you to make changes to the rack rate, prevailing rate (Prev), room allocation, alarm settings, and B/O-CTA settings for each of your room types.

Alternatively, you can click the Unit Rates - Allocations icon. This screen will allow you to view and edit one room type at a time, for as long of a date range as you like. After entering your date range, choose a room type from the drop-down menu. You can then choose if you want to edit by date range, individual day, or day of the week.

The Unit Rates - Allocations screen allows you to make the same rate updates as the All Rates - Allocations screen, as well as set a minimum length of stay requirement (MLOS), disable an established length of stay discount (Disable LSD), and black out a promo code (Promo B/O).

 After making your updates, be sure to click Submit Updates to save your changes.

What is the "Prev Rate" field for?

"Prev Rate" is short for "Prevailing Rate". This is a great feature if you want to advertise a reduced or special rate for a room. After a prevailing rate is entered, web visitors will see your rack rate with a line through it, and the new prevailing rate next to it. If you choose to enter a prevailing rate, it should always be less than or equal to your rack rate - never higher.