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The Complex World of Web Sites for Hotel Associations and CVB's

Managing a web site for multiple hotels and resorts can be tough; add the complexity of each property existing under different ownership and management and you've got a real challenge.

Often referred to as a "Portal" web site, a multi-property web presence is particularly difficult to maintain because of the number of different participants involved. It usually takes an overwhelming number of staff hours to maintain up-to-date information and photos of each resort, and to keep the overall web site content fresh and accurate. More often than not, the web site's content becomes outdated.

The Emagineering portal web site system provides association web site administrators the oversight they need, while allowing participating hotels and resorts the ability to manage every facet of their particular business' display on the association portal. The portal administrator can manage site-wide content, the display of association members, and events. Association members control their own copy, images, activities, site and unit displays, inventory, and rates. Web-based inquiries generated from a member's set of profile pages are queued directly to that member. Members control their own inventory, rates and packages, and can choose to "opt-in" to site-wide promotions created at the association level.

Emagineering has taken a complex dilemma and designed an easy and revenue-building solution. The Emagineering "Portfolio" System gives hospitality associations the tools needed to address the complex world of internet marketing and web promotion, and to get measurable results from the get-go.